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Devblog #6

4 Player co-op zed-hunt Madness!

Devblog #6

Hello everyone! A long time has passed since I updated the blog. But quite a few things have been added/updated and fixed in Zedfest the last couple of months. So each map have their own type of bosses, I’m aiming for 2-3 different bosses for each map. Say for example you have selected that you would want to play a total of 6 waves, then the last wave will be considered a boss wave, with a special character spawned on the map with more health and different abilities. If you manage to down the boss you will unlock him as a playable character that you can select in the Menu.

MR.Android is a Boss on the map Cyber Alert.
Well let’s see if we can kill him then!
At the final wave or “Boss Wave” a short cinematic will roll presenting the boss for you.
MR.Android running towards you. He has a healthbar that in presented on your HUD.
Yeaa! When we killed him, we unlocked him as a playable character. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now “Emotes” has got more and more common in games and of course Zedfest needs that! Dances and Taunts that you can activate whenever you like ingame. Maybe you should have a dance-battle with your friends during the intermission?.

Chicken dancing, for when you beat a rock hard Wave or during midsummer.
Lemme fly from the sky!

Communication is key to succeed in a co-op game like Zedfest. When you are at say wave 31, no mistakes can be made or you’ll all be dead in a heart beat. Fast and most common phrases to your teammates can be found by holding Q and dragging the mouse to a suitable phrase. At the moment it prints out the text to everybody in the chat window, but the logic for the character to say something is there. So two characters can say for example “Requestig Healing”, with two different voices.

Hold Q, drag mouse over appropriate phrase and release Q again.
AFFIRMATIVE- text in the chat window to the left.

A lot of in game variables is now saved and exposed to the Menu. Stats like Zed kills, deaths, total score earned etc. is all there for you to admire. I recently started working on Steam-achievements and plan to have the achievement progress on the same page later on.

And to finish this off, some pretty pictures of some REAL Zedfest! Blood and bodyparts everywhere, you just gotta love it!

Watch out for blood stains! You can get covered in blood by being damaged or standing close to a Zed that’s spurting blood! :).

That’s it for todays devblog! I will upload another one very soon with more updates! ๐Ÿ™‚ /Kevin, the devblogger maan.