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Devblog #11

4 Player co-op zed-hunt Madness!

Devblog #11

Hello fellow Zedfesters! Wow you can’t imagine how many things have been added and bugs fixed in Zedfest lately! First and foremost, I am confident enough to tell you about a release date! Well, not a date but somewhere in Q1, most likely in Februari 2021! So make sure to cancel all plans for February, because you are going down in Zedfest! Well well, let’s get going shall we?

Every Map has been enlarged by quite a bit. I felt it was a tad too small when playing 4 people. It is now 5 playable maps/levels, the latest one being Blackcube Lair! I try to do as much variety as possible so each map feels very unique and enjoyable. My goal is 6 complete maps when the game releases on Steam, version 1.0.0.

Player Ragdoll has been deactivated when playing i multiplayer for network bandwidth reasons. In solo mode it works as usual. This is something I´ll look into again later on, it is not crucial for the gameplay. Note, this does NOT apply for Zeds, they’ll ragdoll to hell and beyond, it is just the players that doesn´t have working ragdoll. So when a player dies, he/she will play a death animation and lay on the ground until someone in your team comes to save you or if they succeed the wave, then you will automatically come back to life and stand up again.

Class selection showcase has also been reworked! Your current selected class is standing in the front and the other classes is standing in the background waiting to be selected and get out to shoot some zeds!

Main Menu class selection

The freshly modified class selection menu with some cool features. Select a class and it will slide towards you, making the other classes stand in the background waiting for brighter times.

Publicerat av Zedfest Onsdag 23 september 2020

UI settings have been worked on and you can now change some settings in there. For example, you can turn off the game UI completely if you prefer to play without stuff on the screen. You can choose to have Outline on the zeds or not, or disable crosshair if you feel brave etc etc. Just some settings that I feel are great for the player to be able to change.

You can now do Zed assists! If you damage a zed but doesn´t get last shot, you will get an assist and 50% of the score from that particular zed. The killing streak multiplier have been reworked. If you manage to kill a zed within a timespan of 2,5 seconds from your last zedkill, your score multiplier will raise by a factor of 1.1. If you land a Headshot your multiplier will raise by a factor of 2.

Camerashake by explosions! When a grenade or other explosive explodes, the player camera will shake depending on how close to the explosion the player is currently standing. A very needed feature which make the game so much more immersive.

Objective mode! It´s finally been worked on and programmed to be easily expanded upon and adding new objectives without any hazzle! Objective mode takes place on the same maps as Hordemode. To succeed a wave you need to complete a set of tasks. Make 10 Headshots, take no damage for an entire wave, collect and install Flux Capacitors in a generator or survive an endless wave for X minutes depending on difficulty, to name a few objectives. You cannot go any further without completing the tasks for each wave. I´m also planning on reworking the Endless + mode. That is a mode where you start with no loadout, 0 weapons, with one infinity long wave where P.U.G.S will open from time to time for you to upgrade and change weapons. Should be alot of fun to play with friends and shitloads of CHAOS! Just like we want it! 🙂

Well then, features aside, bugs have also been worked on and straightened out to Make Zedfest as great as it could be when it releases. Have a good one!