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Devblog #3

4 Player co-op zed-hunt Madness!

Devblog #3

I’ve been working on the Inventory system lately. I used a ringmenu for the weapon selection earlier (think GTA/Farcry), but decided to scrap that and go for a Battle royale inventory-style, I think it fits my game better and is an easy concept for the player to understand. You can swap and drop your weapon from the Inventory. You can even split your ammo in half to share with a friend in need.

Too easily detect who is your friend and who is not, I made a nameplate that shows your Steamname over the characters head. If you don´t trust the nameplate, I made a custom post-process effect that fills your character when behind objects. Green when alive, red when dead so you can find and revive your teammates. Both players have the same name in the pictures below for testing purposes.

Dead player with red outline.

I also reworked the projectiles and changed some fast shooting weapons to hitscan/linetrace. I felt that was a necessary thing to do since replicating many projectiles at once may tax the server and cause severe lag. Hitscans are very cheap and i´m faking a projectile by spawning a bullet-tracer looking particle emitter with velocity.

Rockets and grenades is still real projectiles with physics. Exploding on impact for rockets, using delay with grenades. You can ofcourse shoot the grenade with another weapon to blow it up. Especially nice if you shoot a couple of stickbombs on the ground, wait for zeds to arrive and then shooting one of the bombs. They will trigger eachother if they are close to eachother so you could create a fairly spectacular show using them.

8 Stickybombs in a row.

That’s it for todays Devblog, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day now! 🙂