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Devblog #4

4 Player co-op zed-hunt Madness!

Devblog #4

I have been working on alot of different things in the game lately. One of them is the Leveling system.You earn XP by killing Zeds or open lootboxes. When you level up you earn 2 different types of currencies in which you can use to purchase characters and class-perks from the menu. You can buy and select a character from the main menu and the selected character will follow through to a lobby, fully replicated so the other players will see your selected char. I plan to have a big variety of playable characters with everything to normal humans to Mech:s and animals :).

Another big feature I’ve implemented is a GORE-system. You can shoot off legs, arms and the heads from the Zeds with blood squirting all over the place. You can create beautiful art by painting blood all over the floor and walls :). This is still a little heavy on the performance side but the functionality is there, I just have to optimize it so lower speced-machines will play it fluently. I also added physical animation for the Zeds, and by that I mean that the body will be driven by animations, but with 20-50% physics, so the upper body will kind of “hang” and look alot more fun than boring animations.

Except from melee weapons like chainsaw, a baseball-bat with spikes etc, I felt the need for Unarmed fightning, so I added the ability to punch while unarmed. Looks super cool, especially along with the physical animation I wrote about earlier.

Throwing grenades in Third-person view is always hard and annoying so I added a visible trajectory path that updates in real-time. It truly makes aiming a grenade much easier.

That’s it for todays Devblog everybody! have a good one now! 🙂